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Center for Integrative Healing

IFS Therapists


Daniel Brown, PhD

Richard Schwartz, PhD



Below are some helpful resources I sometimes recommend to my clients.  Please review these resources with a therapist to see if they will be appropriate for you.


IFS Free Online Resources

Derek Scott- A colleague and stellar IFS therapist with a useful website and YouTube page

IFS Recorded Resources - Resources to guide and aid with Internal Family Systems Therapy

Self-Therapy- Jay Earley, PhD - An Audio program to indroduce the IFS Process both conceptually and experientially.  Recommended for people who are on my wait list, in therapy with me, or are considering this form of therapy.


Basic IFS Meditations- Jay Earley, PhD - Guided meditations for experientially learning the basic concepts of IFS. 


IFS Pattern Meditations - Jay Earley, PhD - IFS-based guided meditations for particular behavioral patterns.


Meditations for Self - Richard Schwartz, PhD - IFS-based guided meditations to support the therapeutic process.



IFS Written Resources


Self Therapy by Jay Earley, PhD - (In my opinion, the best book there is on the basic concepts/process of Internal Family Systems Therapy).  Click here for the audio version of this book.


Common Behavioral Patterns- I also recommend Jay Earley's books on some of the most common patterns we see as therapists, such as:

Anger, Internal Conflict, People Pleasing, Inner Critic, Perfectionism, Procrastination, Avoiding Intimacy.



Other Recorded Resources


The Language Of Emotions- Karla McLaren (Highly Recommended for General Emotional Health and Wellbeing)


Guided imagery:


Creating Positive Change- Traci Stein, PhD (Addiction & other unwanted habits)

Healthful Sleep- Belleruth Naparstek (Insomnia)

Healing Trauma- Belleruth Naparstek (PTSD, related depression)

Panic Attacks- Belleruth Naparstek


These recordings can also be found on


Daniel Brown, PhD on Compassion/Attachment: Part I (overview), Part II (visualization)



Written Resources:


Self Therapy by Jay Earley, PhD - (a helpful book on the concepts/process of Internal Family Systems Therapy)

Anxiety and Phobia Workbook by Edmund J. Bourne, PhD - (a favorite for anxiety disorders- Behavioral Therapy)


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